Recent Modules is great :) But.....

Service Studio
Not right now

It would save time if we could access it from every module as a Quick Switch. 

  • For instance a short-cut followed by a popup. 
  • Another great addition would be to set pinned favorits in the list, now they are only recents.
  • When there is a short-cut/popup combo, the module can determine the consumers/producers related to the module....Could be helpfull to show these based on context
  • Personal note: Please let me choose to show smaller icons.....:)
Created on 19 Jun 2018
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Hey Patrick,

You can already use CTRL+O and select a module from the list.

Regarding pinning modules, as the majority of developers don't work in more than 5 or 6 modules, they already have the modules they work with in the list.

Because of this, we don't have any short-term plans to tackle this in the future


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Not right now