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End-user Management 
  1. Add a link to Edit a User instead of having to change the screen name in the browser url
  2. When clicking on an Application Role, show the Users associated with the Role rather than "No Users Found"
  3. Add a Tab showing users associated with any Role (show the Application Name next to the role and allow searching)
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Hi Rebecca,

Thank you so much for your idea. I’m marking this as “on our radar” since we think this is a good feedback.


I think that at least part of this idea has been implemented in


- Added the list of users able to access the application to the Application_List page – inspired by Rebecca Hall's idea (RLIT-2343)

--Tiago Bernardo

Users application is seperate from Lifetime.    RLIT-2343 is updates to Lifetime.

Now I'm a bit confused about what this Idea actually relates to, as the title "Users Application Bugs/Improvements" implies that it is related to the "Users" application, but the category of the idea is "Lifetime".

Indeed the "Users" application is different from the "LifeTime" application (which has its own IT-Users management in "User Management > Users), but I believe that the "Users" application is part of the "Platform Server" and is installed when the platform server is installed.

The Release Notes for the Platform Server in the following link:

clearly reference improvements in the "Users" application (which, I believe, is part of the Platform Server) and clearly reference this Idea.

New in Platform Server 10.0.1010.0

  • Improved the experience of the Users application. We gave it a new look and feel and made the following usability improvements:
    — Page-specific links/actions were moved to inside the pages; the sidebar will now only display fixed links and recent items
    — Added breadcrumbs to pages and pagination and records counter to all pages showing lists
    — Added text filter in users sub-lists
    — When a user does not have a username defined it appears as "Not Defined" in the lists so that you can click it
    — Roles, Groups and Users dropdowns don't show the records already added to the lists; however, roles still show when they were inherited by group to allow overriding
    — When a role is inherited by a group, it does not show the option to remove the role, since this operation is not possible
    Added the list of users able to access the application to the Application_List page – inspired by Rebecca Hall's idea (RLIT-2343)
  • Minor improvements in Users font and UI. (RLIT-2592)
  • Added to FactoryConfiguration the option to include X-Content-Type-Options header with nosniff as a method of preventing MIME sniffing from older browser versions. (RRCT-2270)

1) Is your Idea effectively related to the "Users" application? Or is it related to users in "LifeTime"?

Still, I think the "Users" application is part of the Platform Server, or am I wrong?

2) Is the Release Note for RLIT-2343 (which apparently is related to LifeTime) incorrectly linking to this Idea (because this Idea is about the "Users" application?

--Tiago Bernardo

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