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It would be nice to be able to select to create a new session variable when assigning a variable to a control (input, check box, combo box, etc). 

Creating the session variable for you, using the same naming convention that the 'SearchKeyword' session variable that gets created when scaffolding a list screen. Or perhaps switching to the Data tab with the newly created variable selected for the user to edit.

Created on 19 Jun 2018
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At first I think it would be a great idea.

However, we should prevent having too many session-variables alltogether. Thus it would be better not to make developers it even more easier to add session-variables whenever they want.

I agree with J. Session Variable, much like the "Expand Inline" option on Advanced SQL, is something that must be there to enable certain use cases, but we want to de-emphasize and minimize those tools as much as possible. I spend much more energy trying to get session variables OUT of code than it takes to put them in, unfortunately.


Changed the category to Service Studio and the status to

Not right now

Hey guys,

Although this might be interesting in some scenarios, I would say that most of the times you want to bind to a variable or aggregate/action, possibly leading less experienced developers doing unwanted things.

Because of this, I'll mark this idea as not right now.

Nevertheless, thanks Justin for your idea and keep them coming!

Agree with you guys, was caught up in the pain of creating new reports for a project. But bigger picture I totally agree.

Glad to know that!

Thanks for the suggestion ;)