Show AO count in Service Studio and LifeTime


It will be helpful if the number of AOs an application and its espace consume is displayed as a badge icon over the application/espace.

In Service Studio the total AOs could be displayed per espace when viewing the application's espaces as per this image:

In Service Studio when viewing all Applications, indicate it as below:

In LifeTime indicate it as below:

Here it will give a quick way of determining the AO impact when a deployment is to be done to the next environment.

Created on 21 Jun
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While the AO usage is part of licensing, which makes sense, it is not information that should be restricted to admins. In fact, I *need* developers to be able to see it so they can help understand and manage the object usage. I don't want to make every developer an Administrator just to look at this number.


Merged from 'Need Application Object usage moved where Developers can see it' (idea created on 18 Jan 2018 16:38:27 by Justin James), on 22 Jun 2018 04:48:09 by Justin James

Agree it will help to have a quick check of AOs growth especially on development phase

I agree with this idea.

We are doing sizing estimates and sometimes, we feel that the one we developed is more or less exceeded the estimated AOs and then, the administrator would just then inform us if we have exceeded which is not good on our end.

It would be nice to, to make it available through an API espace. So we can create reporting and some other cool stuff around it