Synchronize Service Studio recent modules, break points etc. between different computers

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This week I worked on three different PC / laptops and I have noticed the recent modules list, break points etc. is not synchronized between the different PC's.

This info is stored local on the PC.

It would be nice if this info was synchronized between the differenct PC based on the login.

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Created on 22 Jun 2018
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I would also like if it I had the OPTION of scyning my stored servers/usernames/passwords list to the cloud as well. So I can just login at any computer and have this stuff. Has to be an option though, for when the corporate policies wouldn't allow that. And then just let me login to Service Studio through my OutSystems credentials.


I like this idea. It makes sense. Also considering what Justin mentioned regarding corporate policy, it makes sense to have it as a configurable option.

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Thanks for the idea!

Your welcome Vasco!