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When creating new widgets you can make use of placeholders within your element.
This makes it so that the base of your widget can be fixed and people can place data within your widget.

Sometimes you create structures to go with your widget. This means that without changing the widget the data available in your placeholder will be limited.

Wouldn't it be nice to have like the placeholders on your canvas/page also the possibility to have placeholders in your structures.


I created a dynamic table widget.

The idea is to have the following structures:

  • Table   --> has list of Rows
  • Row     --> has list of cells
  • Cell      --> contains the data for the cell

The widget has the following parts:

  • Table Web Block
    Is placed on the page and has the Table structure as input.
    It loops through the rows and calls the Row Web Block
  • Row Web Block
    It has the Row structure as input
    It loops through the cells and has a Placeholder for each cell.

The user can now decide to add logic based on the data of the cell within the placeholder.

The developer is NOT able to add the by him/her desired structure for the cell without altering the widget. If the Row would, instead of a list of cells contain a list of  [Objects ]...........To be determined by the developer........
Then someone who just wants a simple dynamic table can define the [Objects] structure as just 1 text field, whereass a developer that would want to display calendar meetings in the cells can define a structure for [Objects] that contains multiple names, dates, time etc.

Created on 22 Jun 2018
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