"Unified" default splash screen for Mobile apps


Currently outsystems has 2 splash screens:


Sometimes this is quite  noticeable particularly on iOS you get a coloured rectangle on the screen for a while before the OutSystems splash screen loads.

My experience on Android isn't much better; I get a grey screen followed by a flash of full screen colour followed by the OutSystems splash so it looks quite jerky.

It is possible to create a smoother experience using the techniques described in the blog post but it would be nicer if the out of the box experience implemented these techniques. Virtually all app store apps have a single splash screen that disappears before the actual app loads so OutSystems should provide the same experience.

One way to do this would be to provide a Operating System and OutSystem splash screen that are at least consistent visually (same colour, same logo positioning).

Additionally, with regards to the progress bar on the OutSystems splash screen, the bulk of the loading time (from my very unscientific observation of a couple of OutSystems apps on my Samsung S8) is actually taken by the Operating Systems splash screen so a progress indicator would be of most use here *before* the Outsystems splash. Given this, it would be better to have the Operating System splash screen show some sort of indeterminate progress bar which could change, if you like, to a fixed progress bar once the Outsystems splash screen is displayed.

Given the special nature of the splash being split visually between Cordova and OutSystems perhaps a special Splash Screen artifact could be created that would provide a coordinated way to design both so they visually appear as a single splash screen.

Created on 25 Jun 2018
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