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Hi Guys, We could tell (in the properties) if the input parameters of a Web Screen whether is or not it is visible in the URL.

Created on 27 Jun 2018
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why would you want to do that?

Hi J. Good morning.

My idea is to make the same call Rest where we define the place where will be passed the parameters (query, path or header).

With this, we would do a navigate without having to perform the encrypt and decrypt (we would reduce two steps) and the user would not have the parameters visible.

What do you think?

Thank you.
Have a nice day.

More explanations about my idea...

My idea is to make the platform capable of interpreting the header parameters as an input parameter in service studio.

At the moment to read a header parameter you need to put logic in the preparation.

The idea was to put an input on the page and say that the input was a header parameter and be accessible via code without terms we have to read it.

Thank you.


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You would have the ability to send it in the request header/body rather than the url.  You are limited in length with what can be sent on the url.

Hi Guys.

@J, Thank you very much.

@Rebecca Hall,

But if the OutSystems limit the quantity, you haven't this problem.

If exist the this option, already very good.
After we see this limit.

Do you agree?

Thank you.

Whether or not an input appears in the URL depends if you get to the page by Submit (POST) or Navigate (GET).

Do NOT count on this being "security". It isn't. Please read this article: https://medium.com/@jmjames/hiding-ids-in-outsystems-urls-7eea5b5c9ed7


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