Add NullTextIdentifier() as an option when setting Text type parameter values on actions

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This should work as the parameter setting for integer type parameter infers the type and displays NullIdentifier().

Created on 27 Jun 2018
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Hi Hanno - that is already an option in OutSystems.

Thank you, Dave. 

I was referring to the properties section on the bottom right of the screen where one would set the variable/value mapping, as per the image below.

I see - I misunderstood. You were referring to the dropdown menu so you don't have to manually type it in.

That would be a good little time saver!

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Hey Hanno,

Thanks for the idea!

Although this might be useful in some scenarios, promoting such an advanced and rare option to the suggestions might compromise the experience of other developers.

Because of this we don't have plans to do this.

Keep the ideas coming!