Conditions on column when adding external entities in integration studio


I faced this issue while importing my MySQL external database entities in Outsystems extension (MSSQL backed).

There were two conditions actually which lead to issues while importing:

  • In MySQL database table there were some datetime columns with value set to 0000-00-00 which is possible to add in MySQL but this can be done in MSSQL so after creating entity when I tried to run aggregate it starts giving error because values can not be converted to valid datetime value in MSSQL
  • Another one was related to enums, in MySQL we were having two type of enum values. First is {First, Second, Third} and second is {A, B, C}, so there was no problem in adding entities with second type but for first type of entities integration studio gives error and when we change it and make it similar to second type it starts working.

So Idea I want to suggest here is to be able to define some sort of condition on entity attributes so that for invalid data/ type we can handle it while importing entities.

Created on 28 Jun 2018
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