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Add Dynamic Filter to Aggregate, so you can add a variable with a filter expression. 

Like the Dynamic Sort:

Created on 28 Jun 2018
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Mmm, not sure how that would work. A bit like a dynamic expand inline WHERE clause in SQL?

Yes indeed, but the "Add dynamic sort" is also something like a expand inline.

This could be a way to support a IN clause too ;-)

This would be awesome :p

Hi Matthias,

I'm not sure which functionality are you missing, On add filter you can add variables.

Can you please explain more which is the use case.

Fernando -

As discussed above, the use case is the same as "Expand Inline" in Advanced SQL.


Ohh I see, you would like to have a way to do an expand inline on the aggregate where clause and add any logic.

I would prefer to have a list of which are the feature that are currently missing on Aggregates and include them, instead of giving an open door to "whatever". Some of the feature that maybe missing from aggregates are: subqueries, in clause.

For more complex scenarios I would still recommend to do it using Advance Queries.

Let me know your thoughts

A list of missing features:

  • Add Dynamic Filter
  • Select Fields to return in output structure (Now only possible with GROUP BY)
  • DISTINCT (Now it is only possible with GROUP BY without aggragations)

Fernando -

I agree. There are already ideas for ALL of these things that Matthias listed out there in Ideas already, most have been there for a very long time, they need to be implemented. But if they won't be, a dynamic filter is an acceptable alternative.


Link to the Idea's.

The above Idea's can't be solved whit a dynamic filter, so please like/comment these too, so they get on the radar.