Make filter dropdowns on Log Screens in Service Center multi-select dropdowns

Service Center
On our radar

At the moment, you can view the logs of all, or one application/espace.

By changing to multi-select dropdowns we will be able to better filter the results we want to see.

Created on 28 Jun
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Hello Hanno,

Do you mean Service Studio or Service Center?

Can you provide a screenshot?


I meant Service Center, sorry. 

Here is a screenshot:

I'll edit the message just to replace Service Studio by Service Center ok?


Changed the category to Service Center

Changed the status to
On our radar

Hi Hanno,

Thank you for your idea. 

We are changing its status to "on our radar" since its a good idea. We don't have this exact topic on our roadmap, however, we would like to improve the search in logs experience for sure. 

Feel free to share more feedback here about this topic.

Thank you,

Joao Bento