Usage of Oracle packages, functions and procedures


Lots of customers have a big installed base on Oracle.
They want to integrate this existing environment with Outsystems. 

For tables and view this can be easily done within integration studio. The data-objects in the database can be selected and Outsystems wraps them in a usable way. In service studio the objects are available as entities.

Most of these database-applications have coding objects (packages, procedures and functions) they want to integrate within Outsystems.

At this moment this can be done by:

  • using the Forge component Oracle connector
  • building extensions in integration studio using the RuntimePublic.DbApi; knowledge of .net is needed
  • advanced sql, where only input parameters are supported.

It would be nice to have a simple way to integrate these Oracle coding objects in Outsystems.

This can be in Integration Studio, the same way used for tables/views. A package/procedure or function can be selected from the database and Outsystems generates a wrapper-action that can be used in service studio.

It's also possible to make a new integration-pattern in service studio, beside rest/soap-api's. Instead of importing a swagger file, a database-object can be selected. The result will be an action that can be used. No more problems with structures to be created and mapped between both envisonments.

This feature will be very helpful for all customers that are creating an Outsystems shell on top of their existing Oracle applications.

Created on 29 Jun 2018
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