Outsystems cloud architecture in Oracle cloud

Not right now

Lots of old AND new customers have a big installed base on Oracle.

Oracle is trying to get all of its customers to the Oracle cloud. The prices in the Oracle cloud are much lower than the prices of all the other options for running Oracle. They doubled the license-price in Amazon and Azure. The offering in their cloud is license-included, which is cheaper than using your existing licenses.

At this moment we use the Outsystems Cloud and see latency in the connection between our local external Oracle-database and AWS. If our Outsystems cloud would be next to our Oracle-database, this latency would be minimized.

At this moment our choices are: stay in the Outsystems cloud and accept the latency, move the Oracle database to AWS or install Outsystems on_premise in the Oracle cloud.

Moving the database to AWS is no option for replacing an Oracle Exadata machine with all its available options and databases with lots of pl/sql code.

Installing Outsystems on_premise in the Oracle Cloud means we have to do all the work our cloud provider Outsystems is doing for us at this moment.

We would like to have the option of Outsystems Cloud Architecture within the Oracle Cloud. 

I think this is a good opportunity for Outsystems to serve old and new Oracle-base customers.

Created on 29 Jun 2018
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Not right now

Hi Eric,

It's not really a part of our roadmap to move the PaaS to the Oracle Cloud or even to have some particular offer for it.

We're keeping the Oracle Cloud perspective for the customer as a Private Cloud (like we do for Azure or any other cloud provider) for the foreseeable future.