Ability to pin actions, screens, screen actions, web blocks to a quick links list in Service Studio

Service Studio
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Often I find myself getting lost when navigating between screens, actions etc when using the arrows in service studio.

It would be great to be able to pin actions, screen actions, screens, web block, and/or whatever else makes sense to a small list (lets say max of 5) to a panel in service studio that will allow me to click on whatever I have pinned and navigate me to it.

This way if I am bouncing back and forth between a few actions and a screen I will be able to use this list to jump around without getting lost in the back and forward arrows.

I think this would up a developers productivity quite a bit.

Created on 29 Jun 2018
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Not right now

Hey Justin,

Thanks for your idea!

Although we know we have some improvements to make in Service Studio organization, navigation and showing information contextually, we don't have plans to tackle this in the short term.

We will keep the idea to consider in the future!