Action execution times


It would be interesting to be able to monitor the execution time of the actions. This would happen by setting a time audit property in the action extended properties (where we set if it is public, a function, etc), and view the execution times on a new screen in the monitoring section of service center.

Created on 29 Jun 2018
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Isn't this information already in Lifetime > Analytics? Or you need something different?

Indeed that was the type of information that I was thinking. The reason for the post of this idea, is because at the current ongoing project, development is being done on a "on premises" infrastructure with no lifeTime available. So because of that we had to turn to some more elaborate strategies to try and get some type of metrics on the performance of our business logic actions. Not the end of the world, just a bit time consuming. Thank you for the tip on the lifeTime, will pass the information to the people with the power of decision :).