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Hello guys,

Every Espace has its own code and direct or indirect dependencies in it's own IIS folder. Taking this into account, it should be possible to debug a specific module that is not direct referenced by others.


Modules: A_EUM, B_CS, B_IS

- A_EUM consumes one server action from B_CS.

- B_CS has a public server action that encapsulates a public server action from B_IS.

- A_EUM and B_IS don't have any reference between them.

When going to a A_EUM screen that uses the B_CS action (calling the C_IS action), I want to debug the C_CS module.

Service Studio doesn't detect indirect references and doesn't give an option to force the debug mode for the A_EUM folder code.

Thank you

Created on 2 Jul 2018
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If I understand it well, you are in Module A that consumes Module B that consumes Module C and you want to debug Module C on Module A.

Now imagine you have several modules connected and some aren't property of your team and you don't have permission on them. How would you do that debug?

Abílio Matos


Thank you for your feedback.

When I said forcing the debug for the Module A_EUM, I'm talking about the entry point, not the debug mode itself. The debug would start in the Module B_IS (Your C).

I agree with Miguel that this would be a nice improvement. 

Now as a workaround when I want to debug module C  i have to update Module A to set a dependency to something in Module C, in order to be able to debug module C.

Then later we need not to forget to remove this dependency that is only there to be able to debug module C.

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