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The versions of a component in Forge basically are only useful in the site itself, as soon as the item is downloaded you easily loose track of the current version, and there's no way to check that in Service Center also. 

A similar scenario is when you move an application from a "lifetime to another", where you loose track of the version in a similar way.

Ideally when a componente is uploaded the Lifetime version would be the same as the forge component, or as an alternative things could be separated into Build Number (that would be managed by the Lifetime model) and Version Number (that would be managed manually by the developer and would even be saved inside the oap files). 

Created on 4 Jul
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There are a number of similar ideas in the Forge around this.


True, like this one: https://www.outsystems.com/ideas/1969/Show+Forge+Application+Version). My idea is slightly different, is not showing the Forge version in service studio/service but have a better tagging and versioning in Lifetime, so in the end we would discard the Forge version completely as it would use the one from the application.

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The current, manual, solution that I have found for this situation is for myself to go to LifeTime and tag that application with the same version number that the application component has in the Forge.

Indeed, coming up with an automatically solution for this would definitely help.


Tiago Bernardo