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Dear OutSystems,

Sometimes there is the need to perform some housekeeping activities on my environment, and that means to delete Old eSpace Versions :D.

However, I want to backup these eSpaces, but I have to do it manually one by one, by pressing the download button on the version tab. 

Can you please add a Download All button?


Created on 4 Jul 2018
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why on earth do you want to keep all those versions?

imho, therefor you have test/qa and even production, where the number of versions should be really small anyways, and those you don't want to delete.

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Not right now

Hi Joao,

We are changing this idea to "not right now" since It is not clear the purpose of that capability. 

Feel free to give us more details and how this impacts you. Probably more community members will feel identified with your reality.

We’ll keep an eye here if this idea continues to grow and get comments from all of you.


Joao Bento