Allow to edit <head>

By Miguel Ribeiro on 25 Sep 2010
I noticed that the developers aren't able to edit the <head>. I would like to see it possible because, with IE9, we are able to define a jumplist with <meta>.

Rebecca Hall1 Oct 2010
Also to be able to include css and javascript source files from other places on the network so we don't have to store them in service studio.
Pedro Oliveira6 Oct 2010
As dicusses in this forum thread you can actually do that using the HTTPRequestHandler extension.
Rebecca Hall6 Oct 2010
Using the extension to pass in text can be time consuming in going through code and having to escape all of the special characters.  If you are using wizards to generate the code, then you are having to go through multiple locations to create this code rather than just writing it where it should be.