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Hi all,

It would be good to have multiple tab contents in TAB widget. Currently, it allows me only to add 5 tabs and its relevant content.

And also it should allow adding Tab headings from the database.

For Example,

Consider I am having a static entity Named Categories which have 8 records.

I should be able to add that static entity to the Tabs heading, which will automatically create 8 tabs for me.



Created on 5 Jul 2018
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Hello Keerthi

Thanks for your suggestion. In fact there is a max of 5 TabItems within the Tab... care to explain  better the use case where you can have more than 5 tabs? For Web or Mobile?

Moreover I can tell you the next UI Web framework will come with a Tab widget without any limitations of TabItems


Hey Pedro,

Thanks and its good to hear from you, I am developing a news app (Mobile) which have 8 records(Static entity), I tried adding extra tabs by cloning the Silk, I got the tabs but the UI, Transition was not as expected. 

As for now I made a list with horizontal scroll and contents will display based on the active item.

and also for many cases, users might need Extra tabs as well, so I hope you will release that in the Future updates


Keerthi Vasan

Developer | My Game Solutions

Additional Use Case on this is where I'm using the Tabs as a left hand navigation widget (menus are shown at the top). I do this for a configuration page of lookups within my system, there are most definitely more than 5 lookups in my system.