Add an reorder option in Entities and Structures


It's good that when creating the Structure attributes it doesn't reorder automatically, otherwise we would be lost if we're following a document. But once finished it would be good to order the attributes by name to be easier to find to change or anything else.

Created on 5 Jul 2018
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Select the attribute, then CTRL+Up and CTRL+Down to reorder it to suit your needs, or drag/drop. Is suspect that very few people would want an alphabetic reordering (or any other kind of ordering which could be automated). Indeed, since the scaffolding (drag/drop to generate screens) puts the fields in the list or form in the order they appear in the structure/entity, an alphabetic reordering would be pretty awful in most cases. Instead, you see the order approximate what a screen should show, with attributes that help identify the record (foreign keys to parent records, then name/labels), then less important information, and metadata at the end like "IsActive" and "CreatedOn" being a pretty common ordering.


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It doesn't need to be automatically. Just put the option there and use who wants to use.

In my opinion is much more useful to have them ordered. If it's not for you, you can just leave it.