Webhooks / Event publishing for Outsystems Platform events

On our radar

Some way to hook into changes to environment changes / Lifetime events. 

Possibly webhooks for platform/Lifetime events like

  • Deployment Created
  • Deployment Started
  • Deployment Aborted
  • LT User created
  • LT User role/permissions updated
  • Events in the error log (email failed / timer job failed etc)

This would allow more automation of responses and DevOps approach to maintaining support of applications and platform changes.

Created on 6 Jul 2018
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On our radar

Hi Dan!

Thank you for posting your idea!

Can you please detail the most important use cases which will be addressed by your idea?


João Bento

The most useful would be Deploy Finished with success or Deploy Aborted with errors.

After a successful deploy you might want to launch other deployment plans or launch test automation or launch warm ups to avoid first loads. There are lots of use cases for this. Currently we are doing this by looking at solution publishing log and comparing the last logged string... but it's a workaround...

Merged this idea with 'Add Hooks to Lifetime during staging process' (created on 18 Oct 2018 10:27:51 by Tito Moreira)

Many OS customers have specific ALM processes that have to take into account the current User Stories, epics and functionality that is going to be released. These are managed by an external system like Jenkins, TFS/Team Services or other.

If Lifetime user interface cannot be open sourced, OutSystems could provide configurable hooks, so that 

customers would configure the REST services that are called for specific steps of the Staging process. 

The result of the REST Service would indicate to Lifetime if the staging procedure could proceed or not.

This would allow customers to integrate easily with their internal ALM process.

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Hi Tito,

Thanks for sharing your use cases!

I've merged your idea since the solution it's quite the same, feel free to share your thoughts. 


This idea adds to the previous one, 

in fact the Hook would reply if the Deployment procedure can be executed or not and if not , then the Deploy button is disabled with the respective reason message.