Support more browsers on mobile applications - Firefox and Edge

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The platform has some restrictions when getting the download link and testing mobile applications through the links provided by the platform (at this time it only allows Chrome and Safari). I think this should not be limited ony to this 2 and should also support the other two major ones (Edge and Firefox). 

Created on 8 Jul 2018
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Providing a fallback / alternative to Indexed DB would allow:

  1. developing reactive web apps
  2. unified way to develop apps in general
  3. leveraging all development tooling available in other browsers, not just chrome or safari (firefox for CSS development!!)


Based on this discussion / comment, abstracting current websql fallback to use database access library should be not a task of rocket science proportions. As platform is providing a fallback to abstract SQLite already, why not take the extra step and add Indexed DB support as well?

As Microsoft has announced some significant changes to its Edge browser (=rebuild Microsoft Edge to run on Chromium, the same open-source web rendering engine that powers Google’s Chrome browser), would this mean testing Mobile Apps would be possible with future versions of MS Edge?

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On our radar

Hi David,

Indeed we will probably be making some small changes to mobile apps so they can work a little better on mobile browsers in the short term. That is mostly for development purposes.  I'm adding this issue to our radar so we can take a deeper look into it in the future, with full support for some other browsers, if the market evolves in that direction.

Tiago Simões