Add functionality to export the deployment logs after a solution publish

Service Center
Not right now

When publishing via a solution, you want to export the logs as reference for the developers to check on the errors and warnings that happened during a deployment.

Created on 9 Jul 2018
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This is also an good idea to implement this option in a deployment plan of LifeTime

Hi Michael, 

Thanks for your idea!

You can implement that by using LifeTime Deployment APIs, but this means is just available for LifeTime stagings. We would like to promote LifeTime for stagings so, tactically speaking, I'm afraid that we will not implement this idea for Service Center.  

However, and because we probably need to provide more capabilities on LifeTime in the "publishing area", please let me know the reason why you're using Service Center instead of LifeTime.

Thank you,

Joao Bento

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Not right now

In line with my previous feedback, I'm changing this to "not right now".