True change warning when Ajax Submitting in Screen Action that ends in Download or Upload

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The Upload Widget and Download Statement only function when the Button or Link that triggers them is set to Submit. Setting it to Ajax Submit will result in a runtime error (for Upload) or downloading the ASPX file (for Download), both unwanted.

Therefore Service Studio / TrueChange should be able to detect when a Screen Action that has at least one end node being the Download Statement is called from an Ajax Submit, and if so gives a TrueChange warning.

Also, a Screen that has an Upload Widget calling a Screen Action that uses the Upload Widget in Expressions or Assignments etc. by a Button or Link that has Ajax Submit should give a TrueChange warning.

Additionally, TrueChange should not suggest setting a Submit to Ajax Submit when there are Ajax Refreshes inside the Screen Action, as it does currently, but instead suggest to remove the Ajax Refreshes in the cases listed above.

This will help novice OutSystems Developers, as problems with this regularly appear on the forums (e.g. here).

Created on 9 Jul 2018
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I saw that in the latest version(s) of Service Studio, such a warning is already issued for using an Upload Widget's properties in a Screen Action, just not yet for the Download Statement itself.

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On our radar

Hi Kilian,

You are right, indeed a TrueChange warning should be issued also when using AJAX and Download. I'll change the status of this issue to on our radar so we can keep an eye on it.


Tiago Simões