Warn about unused aggregates in (screen) actions

Aggregates & Queries

When we develop actions and specially change them later we sometimes remove code in the flow.

When a variable is not used anymore after changing / deleting some code in the flow service center warns you about this (yellow line under the variable and a message in the warning panel).

When an aggregate is not used anymore service center does not warn you about this.
I would like service center to warn me so I can check if the aggregate can be deleted or not.

In the example below the GetUsers aggregate is not used.

Created on 9 Jul
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Maybe it counts for advanced sql queries too but in there there might update, insert, delete statements which you want to happen. But it's a warning and the developer can hide the warning when he has validated it and it's still needed.

I wouldn't add it to adv. queries because it would possibly generate more false positives than actually scenarios where it would be useful.

Love the idea though! :)