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I used LogMessage with a ModuleName that was 17 characters.

Then I searched the General Log in Service Center using the Module part but no entries were found.

I then reduced the Module input in General Log to be 15 characters of my module name. All my entries were found.

Either restrict LogMessage ModuleName to be 15 chars or increase the ServiceCenter Module column to be more than 15 chars. I would prefer the latter.

Created on 10 Jul 2018
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Hi Sara,

Thanks for your feedback!

For this kind of "fix" request, we recommend you to use the "submit feedback" feature in Service Center. It's more useful for us in this situations because we also check the attached screenshot and much easier for you to submit. 

Let me know if you have any other suggestion here.


Hi Joao,

Thanks, I'll do that in the future!

Kind regards,