Improving UX using Group of Buttons instead of Combobox if #Records < 5 from Static Entities


Hi everyone!

Some of you may love comboboxes. 

They are useful to display all static data easying users to select only one of them. 

I used to love them to, until a naily friend scratched my tablet when filling in a form in order to chose from a combobox with only 3 options available. Not so good UX experience for her...neither for me.

Today, when I came across this article , I realized that I was not the only one to have mixed fillings with comboboxes. My thoughts exactly! 

One thing that OutSystems do by default, when you drag a static entity to a form or create a detail screen with inputs from a static entity, is to create comboboxes, independently of its number of records. 

My Idea is based in 2 options:

  1. Changing default, if number of record is smaller than 5 to be grouped buttons as showed in the article (more intuitive approach imho) or in grouped radio buttons, or even check boxes. The 5 records threshold could me smaller if the length of the Record Label is to long. Buttons would be a better option, displaying imediately what to chose (saving time), saving clicking movements, avoiding to scroll page down in order to all combo options to fit in screen.
  2. Keeping Combobox as default, but having an option to automatically convert in grouped buttons (or other kind of input) when you right click the combobox created, similar to the one for converting Text widget to Expression widget. 

I couldn't find any similar idea here. However, If there is one, credits should be given to them for having this idea first.

Created on 11 Jul 2018
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