Integration for JsHint - version ES6

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Hey Guys,

I think the Service Studio should be support jsHint - ES6, this integration will provide more results on Mobile development.

Also on Javascript screen show thats as warning, but when you close it, shows an error on service studio, I think need be improve the syntax of this Warning on screen and Error on Service Studio.

If is not supported, show an error, not a warning.

Info: Service Studio version: 10.0.807 and platform server version 10.0.710

Integration Reference: https://www.outsystems.com/forums/discussion/30128/p10-how-to-resolve-javascript-warnings-jshint-esversion-6/

Created on 12 Jul 2018
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On our radar

Hi Marcel,

We're actually considering to increase our IDE's javascript integration. Although I'm not able to commit to any what at this point, we're working on how we can improve the whole JS experience.

Thanks for the idea,

Ricardo Alves