Select code changes that were made inside actions.


When we merge two versions that share an action, we should be able to select inside a action that part of the code we wanted to choose.


V1 has a change in IF and V2 has a change in the same IF but with less things.

I may want to select things from both versions for this IF, and currently this is impossible.

Created on 13 Jul
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This has been suggested before. I totally understand the motivation and agree with it, but I think it is completely unworkable in practice. There are too many ways for conflict resolution to go VERY badly.


While I like the idea, I would say that, in general, this feature is not really necessary.

The rationale is that in an OutSystems project, there is really no reason to 2 developers to work in the same piece of code. This happens very often in open source projects, but that is not the case in OutSystems (typically).

You can argue that sometimes may raise a situation where this will happen for a number of reasons, but adopting good project management practices they will be very rare...

Again, I liked the idea, but I think there are other ideas with more impact we should concentrate first...

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