Set value of new input parameter for an advanced sql to the belonging refresh query

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When you have an advanced sql with a lot of "refresh data" actions connected to that aggregate you have a lot of work to do when you add an extra parameter to the sql.

You have to set the value of the new parameter on the advanced query itself but also on all "refresh data" actions connected to it.

It would be very helpful when OS set the same value for the new parameter at all the connected "refresh data" actions when you set the value for the advanced sql. Only when the parameter has no input of course.

Just like the same behavior when you drag and drop the "Refresh Data" action and select the query to refresh. OutSystems fills all the parameter than with same value as for the advanced sql.


City has been added as new parameter for the advanced sql

Connect "refresh data" actions

Drag and drop "Refresh data" action and select the query to refresh

Created on 18 Jul 2018
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Of course I does not have to be automatic it can also be an option on the parameter (not the new only but all) "Apply to all refresh data actions" or something.

The problem is, a frequent usage of refresh scenarios is that you want to use a value from the screen, but that value has not been bound yet in the preparation (where we often use an input to the screen instead, or something that came from a query in prep), so using the same variable by default means that you are going to have bad logic. The current behavior (hopefully) forces the developer to STOP and THINK (hopefully :D ).