Copying eSpace elements to another eSpace, allow the copy of dependency elements.

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As a developer I was copying elements from eSpaces to other eSpaces, when refactoring parts of applications.

When copiyng screens, not all dependent elements were copied. Screens had dependencies of actions, structures, entities, site properties, session variables, and other, that I had to copy one by one.

For repeated actions as this one, would be a nice idea to have a popup asking if I would like to copy all dependent elements as well.

This would allow development and refactoring tasks even faster. These are not daily tasks but they are done quite often.

Created on 18 Jul 2018
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Not right now

Hey Marco,

Although this might be useful in some scenarios, bringing all the dependencies might generate a lot of unwanted garbage to the new module (and you won't probably notice it). I understand that this way you have a couple of extra steps bringing the dependencies but making it explicitly will probably be less error prone.

Because of this, we don't have short-term plans to solve this.

Thanks a lot for you idea, keep them coming!