Default action per widget on Service Studio


Every time we drag and drop a Message widget onto a flow we immediately get an error because we haven't yet filled the Message text field.  So, we have to move the cursor over that property, select the input field and only now can we write the content of the Message.

Many other widgets have this "usual" usage pattern associated with it that, over time, consume so much time by dragging the mouse cursor, taking the hand over the mouse into the keyboard, write, put the hand again on the mouse, etc..

I would love to see "default actions" associated with widgets, for example, for the Message widget, after dropping it into a flow, the "Message" property input field would be focused allowing me to start writing right away.

Same goes for Assign, the focus element from that widget is the title but it seems to me that it would be more practical to focus the Assignments properties on the right panel.


João Gonçalves

Created on 19 Jul 2018
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