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I have been playing with the Web Patterns lately and became increasingly fixated on the Carousel Web Pattern. When I think of a carousel, I think of the way that Bootstrap implements a carousel: https://getbootstrap.com/docs/4.0/components/carousel/. Scroll down to the carousel "With controls" or the carousel "With indicators" sections. Notice how when you make it to the last slide and click the right arrow (next), the page slides (right) over to next image, but makes the next transition the first page. Notice how it does not slide left  all the way back to the first image. Similarly it does the opposite if clicking the left arrow (previous) button. 

Instead for the Web Pattern Carousel, the next transition after reaching the end of a list of images is the first image so the result is the carousel slides left all the way back to the first image instead of sliding right to the next image like it is not the first image in the list. Perhaps this is a little poorly explained so please reference this OML attached for a demonstration.

What I am proposing is an idea to allow the option to make the make the next image after the the last to continue to slide right to the next image. Or slide left to the previous image in reverse. This way it doesn't always give the appearance that after the last image it is sliding back to the first image. I would like an option for the same effect similar to the bootstrap example posted above.

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Created on 23 Jul 2018
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so when will we be able to use this?