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Hey there!

If it's possible, at the moment of publishing, make something to select which eSpaces I can select to publish after the first one and not wait the first one ends to publish its dependencies.



Created on 23 Jul 2018
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Hi Leonardo,

Thank you for your idea. Could you please detail a bit more? What problem are you expecting to solve with your idea?


João Bento

Hi there!

I think this idea can be useful in a way that, as for the time being, when we change a producer, then we have to:

  1. Open all its consumers;
  2. Refresh all of them;
  3. Hit the 1-CP button in all of them, one by one.

These are manual and time-consuming tasks that could be automated. 

If we could, somehow, create a temporary mini-solution inside Service Studio, formed by a producer and its consumers, then we'd just have to hit 1-CP once and all those modules would be published automatically.


Can't you do this already in Service Center?


Cheers for the feedback Leonardo Clemente! Is Ricardo Reis' suggestion aligned with what you had in mind?

@Ricardo Reis would you expect indirect consumers to get republished as well? Or just the direct consumers?

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Hi. Yeah, Ricardo Reis is almost what I thought. 

The ideia is: 

1 - Open a window with all of references of parent's oml.

2 - Select all of them that I want to republish

3 - Click on 1CP. In this action, the primary oml should be published and it's references after it.



Hi Stoyan,

It would be good if it just refreshed direct consumers, because it's the main use case, in my opinion. 

The cherry on the cake would be refreshing all the way up to the last indirect consumer, although it could end up in a loop because of the possible cyclic references that the original producer might be involved in.