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The extensibility configurations used on the mobile application, should have a possibility to change per environment (dev, qa, production) without having to open the module in the environment and publishing a new version.

This situation causes the espace to have a different version/change on this environments (which in certain cases only means that the setting in this environment is different).

This type of changes are very common with mobile plugins that require a setting for non production environments and another to production ones.

I would suggest that this could be changed either on lifetime or service center when defining the mobile generation of the app. This setting will then override the one default one defined on the espace. Something similar with the effective url settings that exist on the Soap/Rest integrations in service center.

Created on 24 Jul 2018
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Hi David,

Thank you for your idea.

It is a good idea so we are changing its status to "on our radar". We are designing a solution and we hope to implement it asap. 

We'll keep you updated!

Thank you,

Joao Bento

To add to this it would be great to be able to have a different IOS icons per environment ie a dev icon, test icon and production icon so that the developers testers etc can easily recognise which environment they are opening the mobile app in.

Paul, for me that's an idea on its own. I usually do that at application level on my projects.

Is this functionality available?

It looks like this functionality has been available in lifetime since release Dec.2018 as RLIT-1503.


The lifetime that I am trying to access this on is running Mar.2019.

I am unable to find the functionality as defined in https://success.outsystems.com/Documentation/11/Managing_the_Applications_Lifecycle/Deploy_Applications/Override_the_Default_Mobile_Extensibility_Configurations

Hi, Ouen

In order to use this feature, your environments need to run Platform Server Release Sep.2018 CP1 or higher. Can you confirm that your environments respect this requirement?

Best regards,

Rita Tomé