Create Web Service from Extension


Currently when consuming or exposing a SOAP web service, the customization options are very limited.

For consumed SOAP services, these limitations can be overcome by consuming the SOAP service from an extension and creating the implementation in C#. 

For Exposing a SOAP service however, you cannot make a custom extension because a call to an extension action happens in the context of an OutSystems transaction. This means that you can call it as part of a server action, timer, etc.. but not in an idle process that would listen to requests like a SOAP or Rest Endpoint works.

This makes it hard or impossible to integrate with a service that requires you to code to a specific WSDL file provided, a task that would be much simpler in C#.  

This would probably require a big change, but something like being able to mark an extension as "Always on" or something similar would be great.

Created on 25 Jul 2018
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I don't understand this idea... you need to EXPOSE a WSDL in a manner that the system cannot support?

If that is the case, your development process sounds very backwards. You don't design a WSDL *first*, you write your code first and the WSDL exposes the required data, there is no reason to be writing a service in OutSystems that has a WSDL definition that the platform cannot handle.


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