Format layout of the process we have created in the IDE


Once we created any process or interfaces we should have shortcut for format them so that all the actions or web screens will rearrange itself.

Created on 27 Jul (4 weeks ago)
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Hey Deb188,

Not sure if I got your idea.

Can you provide a screenshot or more details?


For e.g. if we are creating some 20 screens like A, B,... and we are manually moving those screens  or  blocks randomly then the readability is not there and may need to scroll a lot to find the connected screens. So OutSystem should give some way to auto align them.

Here we have very less screens so will fit in one window. But project that we are creating will have lots of screens or actions or processes. So there should be some standard way of align them list like code alignment of Eclipse IDE or Others.

This above image is not properly align. So we have to do it manually for making it good looking and readable.