Simple method to delete or update an object within a list of Object


In general we already have function to manipulate the List object of any structure type (Present within out-systems System reference). But in order to update or delete any items we need to get that particular obj by filtering the list , then get the position and then delete and/or append the new object as per the update or delete function. 

Can we have a single method to perform this operations ,So that while designing a complex action it can be simplified in single steps .

Created on 1 Aug 2018
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Hi Pranav,

We think that with the existing actions you can do all sort of action that you are referring to. If we had more function and the only rational is to avoid on more step on the flow is not enough to justify the development.

Also adding more action will lead to more complexity and options that less skilled users have to decide which one should be used.

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