Separate Compare & Merge for files and versions


When comparing with a production version we usually download the OAP and use it to compare with existing development or quality version.

When doing so, Service Studio keeps loading versions from source control.

This has some impact on the IDE as it gets quite slow. 

As we are comparing with a file, there is no need to load all the information.

The suggestion would be to separate "Previous version" and "file" in different tabs.

Created on 2 Aug 2018
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I am not sure I understand what process you are currently following... can you please describe what you are doing step-by-step so it is more clear what the use case is that you are trying to improve? Thanks!


Hi Justin,

When we have an open module from our development Environment ( in this case with over 2000 versions) and we want to compare it with production (which we have on file) it takes quite a while to show the "choose version" dialog as it's loading all versions from the database. As we only need the "choose a file" button to be available It could be nice not to load all info when we want to compare with a file.


Carlos -

I see that you are saying. They USED to be separate like what you are asking for. I don't know when they joined together like this, I suspect some time in version 10.


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