Allow to "import" parameters in Javascript flow element from action scope or automatically infer parameters from JS code


In OS10 , when we use the JavaScript flow element in actions, parameters have to be added and defined one by one.

It would be nice to have an accelerator for this process.

My suggestions are the following 2:

1-To have an automatic "import scope parameters" option that could be selected by right clicking the parameters folder, in the Code Editor Window. Same place as add an input/output parameter. This could show variables in action scope to be added as parameters.

2- to have somewhere in the JS Code Editor, a button that could trigger a process to infer automatically parameters from JS code, creating a "Something" parameter in case  "$parameters.Something" appears. (Infering type of parameter would be great, but I do admit that it could be tricky, so an option would be type of input to be defined in design time)

I found an idea with some common points applied to SQL advanced queries (which I support btw), but having this applied to JavaScript would also be great!

Created on 3 Aug 2018
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I think that this idea can be dismissed.

I've just realized that you can drag and drop parameters from the interface directly to parameters folder in JS Node, and from there it is possible to drag it directly to code editor.

It does mainly what I wanted to.