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SQL Server from 2017 version introduces the Temporal Table. It is a log mechanism handled by the Database itself. It's possible to go back in time and have audit records in a specific date. With this kind of table developers don't need to reimplement audit algorithms for every new routine in the systems.


Created on 6 Aug 2018
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Hi Renato,

Thank you for your idea. 

Currently you can already take advantage of Temporal Tables by consuming those tables via integration. By default, OutSystems do not take advantage of anything specific of a given version of the database (like temporal tables) and the reason is in order to be the most agnostic as possible and not be tied to a specific capability of a given version of the database engine.

For now, we don't have plans to include any changes in the product to support the usage of temporal tables rather than in integration scenarios.

Thanks for your idea and please, keep them coming.