Image alt and title attributes

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You should be able to set an image's alt and title attributes as properties. I know that you can do it now with extended properties, but you should be able to do it at the "class" level (in the object tree on the right) to create defaults, and then override those defaults at the "instance" level when you actually put a widget on the page. This is very important for accessibility and usability, as well as compliance with a number of laws around the world.

Created on 12 Oct 2010
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I agree with this. we should have better facilities to be compliant!
Maybe you are already aware of this, but you can use the Image widget Label property to set the HTML ALT attribute.

As for Links you can set the Title property. Both of them are expressions so you can set them dynamically to anything you'd like.
Tiago -

No, I wasn't, thanks for letting me know! The tooltip for "Label" just says it's for the canvas. I had tried description, though.

So really we need two things:

1. The tooltip for "Label" to make it clear that it populates ALT.
2. A Label property for the object itself in the tree so it can be given a default label that can be overridden on a per-instance basis (like how the Label property of an entity attribute creates the column header's text).