More database connectors

Not right now

Hello everyone!

Like we know, Outsystems have standard connectors to external database: MySQL, SQL server, Oracle...

What I see is that we can win time if we have more database type connectors available, like Informix, Postgres... Many of the work that I made, I need that kind of tools and I believe that I'm not the one.

So, that's an idea! 

Best regards,

Ricardo Pereira

Created on 7 Aug 2018
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Hi Ricardo,

Although this makes sense, with the upcoming new features that we have in mind we currently don't have plans to tackle this in the near future.

Nonetheless, thank you very much for your idea and keep it coming.

If you believe we missed some context that would change our perception about it, please give us more details about why you would need this and for what is the use case.