Webscreen style property

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I was wondering why the page itself doesn't have a style-attribute, so hence this idea came.

Give the page also a style-attribute, so you can fix margin, background-colors on page-level. Ofcourse this can be done withing a div, but then you will end up in some etxreme fixing with popup-windows.

Created on 12 Oct 2010
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This is completely not needed. Just provide a screen-specific style and override the styles for the html and body tags.

I agree that would be a workaround. However it does produce an extra css with an according httprequest, so the page will get rendered even more slowly. Hence my idea, so it can be incorporated with the normal css and keep the number of requests low. Also, if you have multiple pages with the same look and feel you have to place in every page.css the style and maintenace on those are just not on par.