[Forge marketplace] "Flag" for including notice of use of undocumented API features

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I think the upcoming Forge marketplace should include a checkbox for showing the notice below, which currently is copy-pasted into the description of many components.

Notice: This component takes advantage of private and undocumented Platform APIs, which can change without notice. As a result, this component may unexpectedly break as the Platform is upgraded. We advise proper testing to ensure that your applications continue to work as expected when upgrading/patching the Platform.

Created on 9 Aug 2018
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Hi Caio

why is this message important? what will the developers learn from that?



Hi, Ana.

As I said, this message is identical across many components and its importance is due to the fact that breaking changes for the component might occur when upgrading the platform version.

My idea - albeit a simple one - was to have something simpler to "flag" the component as a component that uses undocumented platform APIs, functions or frameworks that might break upon future releases.