OutSystems UI to define color in Charts

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Currently to define colour in charts it is necessary to define those by appending each data series to a list and defining the colour of each data series inside the preparation it is a bit messy.
The idea is to make this process easier to setup, I suggest by a UI to define the colours more easily.   

Most enterprise applications have charts in them... so this should apply to many of your current and prospect customers.

Created on 10 Aug 2018
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So... a VERY long time ago, before OutSystems included the Chart component, I basically built the same. And along the way, implemented EVERY possible option into the structure. And that made it super easy to use (though it took a junior person a long time to make that structure match the Highcharts documentation). And what I learned is that 1. it's super difficult to maintain and 2. the structure is so big/deep that it causes some bad things to happen at a large scale. Ended up pulling it all out. I don't know if those "bad things" would still happen today (this was about 5 years ago) but I am pretty understanding why the full Highcharts API is not represented in the code. :(

But I still like this idea!


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Hello Andre

That particular issues is already in our radar to be addressed in a further version of this component. Stay tuned!

Thanks for your feedback


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