Table layout as table or div

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Tables in html are really for data and not for look & feel of screens.
It's also slow, very slow if you create more complex table layouts.

However, to create a column-lookout in design-mode tables are just awesome.

My idea is thus:
Add an Attribute to the table-properties will render the table as "table" or as a div-column layout.
Created on 12 Oct 2010
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Wouldn't it be better to have simple ways to do a page design?
Maybe having pages that use containers (divs) + css, that we can easily adjust just me using the css?
"div"s are already available as containers.
Again I agree with both of you, however when using divs as containers it is not always wysiwig, while with the table layout it's already properly sorted.
I haven't had any problems using DIVs/containers for layout at all. My application only has tables where I truly want a table. That being said, I started from scratch (no Style Guide) so I don't know if the Style Guide experience is the same.