Theme Customizer to generate Hex instead of rgba


Idea: change the CSS generated code to produce the colour codes in HEX instead of the rgba. 

Currently the OutSystems Silk UI theme customizer produces CSS with rgba instead of HEX, the major difference is that once inside the CSS in Service Studio there is no modal with the color to easily validate the colour with rgba in the CSS code.

Created on 10 Aug 2018
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Why would you change it to hex then?

I rather have SS validate rgba properly...

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Hi Andre,

In fact you are right, we have a little inconsistency issue here as we are generating CSS in RGBD and have the Style Editor that not handle this (because its targeted for HEX format).

A major reason to keep exporting in RGBD is because it allows transparency

Will move the category of this issue to Service Studio 

Thank you for your suggestion

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